House rental for Expats

Temporarily From Home

Rent out your home without worries during your absence? Then you are in good hands with us!

Temporarily Away From Home

Tijdelijk van Huis is an organisation for expats who temporarily go abroad to work there. To avoid double housing costs, an Expat can rent out his or her home during the stay abroad. Typically for up to 60 months. Did you take out a mortgage with NHG (national mortgage guarantee)? Then a maximum of 36 months applies.

Our organisation can quickly arrange it all for you, at a very affordable price, so that you can start your work abroad with peace of mind. You pay us a one-time administration fee of € 695 including VAT. For this amount, we will place your property online and look for tenants that fit within your desired profile. You can also present a tenant yourself.

Local rental agents often charge 1 month’s rent excluding VAT for the same services. Our organisation is a Preferred Supplier at several lenders, which allows us to quickly arrange your rental authorisation and draw up the right rental agreement with properly screened tenants, provided you meet the conditions.

Rent out your home without worries during your absence? Then you are in good hands with us!

What we do for you

Tijdelijk van Huis takes care and arranges almost everything for you. You register your property via our website and then we will contact you by phone. During this confidential and non-binding conversation, we will discuss the possibilities for rental with you. If we receive your assignment, our organisation will (if required) apply the rental permit at your mortgage lender.

Subsequently, the property will be put online and we start looking for suitable tenants. You can also present tenants yourself. Once the tenants have been found, they will be screened. As soon as the tenant(s) pass the screening, we will draw up a rental agreement and submit it to both parties.

The rental agreement contains a diplomatic clause. This clause allows the landlord to terminate the rental agreement within three months in the event the work abroad should end earlier than was previously planned.

When the lease is signed by both parties and all necessary documents are complete, we will process your file at your mortgage provider.

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With the form below, you can register your property with us, without any obligation. If you are going to rent out your property as an expat, your mortgage lender will ask for an employer’s statement – labour agreement regarding your work abroad. In addition, your home insurer will have to authorise the temporary rental of your property. Often, this is already included in the terms and conditions of the insurance.