Temporarily From Home


Rent out your home without worries during your absence? Then you are in good hands with us!

What will it cost?

Tijdelijk van Huis charges a one-off fee of € 695 including VAT for her mediation. For this amount, we search and screen tenants, draw up the rental agreement, and arrange the permission at your mortgage lender (if required). It is possible to purchase additional services as required. Such as taking care of visits, taking photographs, periodic inspection at your property, and financial management. In a personal conversation, we can go through your wishes and send you a non-binding quotation.

Submit your application here

With the form below, you can register your property with us, without any obligation. If you are going to rent out your property as an expat, your mortgage lender will ask for an employer’s statement – labour agreement regarding your work abroad. In addition, your home insurer will have to authorise the temporary rental of your property. Often, this is already included in the terms and conditions of the insurance.