Temporarily Away From Home

Permission Bank

Rent out your home without worries during your absence? Then you are in good hands with us!

Permission Bank

A lot of mortgage lenders include in the mortgage conditions that you should request permission when you want to rent out your property temporarily. If you do not do this, you run the risk that your bank demands the mortgage loan. Our organisation works with several mortgage lenders, which means that the lines are short. To obtain permission, you must be able to submit at least an employer’s statement – employment contract concerning your work abroad. In addition, your home insurer must give permission when rental is not included in the conditions of the insurance. If there is no mortgage on your home, several things can be skipped, but you still enjoy our other services.

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With the form below, you can register your property with us, without any obligation. If you are going to rent out your property as an expat, your mortgage lender will ask for an employer’s statement – labour agreement regarding your work abroad. In addition, your home insurer will have to authorise the temporary rental of your property. Often, this is already included in the terms and conditions of the insurance.